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25Mbps Max Down - 3Mbps Up
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I elect to enter into a 24 month service contract (the “Initial Term”) commencing on the date service is activated (“In-Service Date”) at the Service Location identified above. I understand that termination of my service is permitted at any time, however, early termination fees (“ETFs”), as described in more detail below, may apply. Upon the expiration of the Initial Term, this agreement shall automatically renew on a month-to-month basis unless I provide notice to Commnet of my intent to cancel the services (and such cancellation shall be effective at the end of the month in which notice was provided).

I understand that if payment is declined my service will be interrupted.

I understand and agree that:
  • Monthly invoices are provided via e-mail.
  • I have given accurate information on this Broadband Service Agreement.
  • The Monthly Service Amount must be received by Commnet by the 5th day after your due Failure to pay the Monthly Service Amount by such date will result in suspension of service. Reconnection of service will occur upon payment of past due balance and may require a $25.00 reconnection fee.
  • If I terminate this agreement during the Initial Term, other than as set forth in the next subsection, or default on any of my obligations hereunder, an ETF equal to the lesser of (i) $250.00 or (ii) the total amount owed in monthly recurring charges through the remainder of the Initial Term, plus any applicable waived Installation and Service Activation Fees may If not paid within thirty (30) days, I will be responsible for paying all reasonable collection fees and attorney fees associated with a past due balance that is referred to a collections agency or attorney for legal action; provided that the collection fees shall not exceed 33% of the amount collected.
  • I am entitled to cancel all services ordered under this agreement at any time and for any reason within the fourteen (14) day period immediately following the In-Service Date. I understand that I will receive a full refund of all paid Monthly Service Fees, Installation Fees, and Activation Fees if I cancel within the first three (3) days following the In-Service Date and a refund of Fifty percent (50%) of such fees if I cancel during the period of four (4) to fourteen (14) days following the In-Service Date. In each case, a re-stocking fee of $25.00 may apply.
  • Commnet owns all Customer Premise Equipment (“CPE”). Activation and/or Monthly Service Fees do NOT constitute purchase of the of the CPE.
  • If I desire to terminate any service under this agreement, I will promptly notify Commnet and (i) return the CPE to Commnet at its designated location, or (ii) if my service requires an Outdoor Unit, schedule an appointment for Commnet to uninstall and recover all CPE from the Service I understand that Commnet does not refund pro rata Monthly Service Fees due to termination and that I may be liable for an ETF as set forth above.
  • Equipment – Any Company network elements or Equipment installed at Customer’s premises or location where Services or Equipment will be installed (which is leased or for which title has not transferred to Customer) remains the personal property of Company or Company’s assignee, notwithstanding that it may be or become attached to or embedded in realty. Company Equipment shall not be removed or replaced by Customer without Company’s written approval. Customer will not tamper with, remove or conceal any Company identifying plates, tags or labels. Upon termination of this Agreement (in whole or in part), Company shall have the right, and Customer shall afford Company reasonable access to its facilities, to remove the Company Equipment from Customer’s premises. All Company property shall be returned to Company in the same condition as installed, normal wear and tear expected. In the event Company property is not returned to Company in accordance with this Section, Customer will be billed for and pay to Company an amount equal to the retail value of the Company property, except to the extent such failure is caused by the negligence or willful misconduct of Company or its agents. CPE replacement costs will be billed to me and I will be responsible for payment of such charges within thirty (30) calendar days if (i) the CPE is not returned to Commnet within thirty (30) days following the date services are terminated, (ii) the CPE is not found in good working order when returned or uninstalled, or (iii) the CPE cannot be uninstalled and recovered from the Service Location.
  • If I violate this agreement, the Terms of Use Agreement, or the Acceptable Use Policy (as further described below), Commnet may terminate service immediately and may enter the Service Location to uninstall and recover all CPE belonging to Commnet.
  • If my credit card number is on file, Commnet may charge my credit card for the full replacement cost of the damaged or unrecoverable CPE and for all applicable ETFs. If Commnet is unable to complete the credit card charge, I will be responsible for payment of any balance due and will make such payment to Commnet within thirty (30) calendar days.
  • In the event the installer is unable to confirm the availability of Commnet Broadband service at my Service Location during initial installation, a full refund will be issued.
  • Affordable Connectivity Program Subscribers. If you are an Affordable Connectivity Program subscriber, you have the right to opt out of this Agreement (including any Monthly amounts due) without penalty if the Affordable Connectivity Program ends or the funding associated with the program ends. If the program ends for any reason but you chose to move to a customer-paid plan, there will be no change to this Agreement and any months of Service under the Affordable Connectivity Program will count towards the Initial Term (i.e. if you switch from Affordable Connectivity Program-paid to customer-paid, the Initial Term end date will not change.)
  • I hereby grant to Commnet, or otherwise shall be responsible for obtaining, a right of entry to and from the Service Location in order for Commnet to perform any services under this agreement (including but not limited to installation, removal, and maintenance services) for as long as this agreement shall remain effective.
  • It is an ACP Program requirement that you must use your service at least once every 30 days or you are at risk of losing your ACP benefit.
Additional Services:
  • Relocate / Move Service - $99.00
  • Service Suspend / Idle Plan - $17.50 per month
  • Service Plan (required) - $10.00 per month
This Broadband Service Agreement is subject to the following additional terms and conditions, which are hereby incorporated into this Agreement by reference:
  • Commnet Broadband Terms of Use Agreement
  • Acceptable Use Policy for Commnet Broadband Service
  • Commnet Broadband Service Installation Standard Procedures and Requirements
These additional terms and conditions can be found at: https://www.commnetbroadband.com/broadband-terms.html

Please read these carefully since they are important and affect your legal rights. Note that all of these additional terms and conditions are subject to change in the future so you should periodically check this link at the Commnet website for updated terms and conditions.

By clicking below you indicate that you have read, understand, accept and consent to the terms of this Broadband Service Agreement, the Commnet Broadband Terms of Use Agreement, the Acceptable Use Policy for Commnet Broadband Service, and the Commnet Broadband Service Installation Standard Procedures and Requirements. If signing on behalf of an organization, you certify that you have the authority to obligate the organization to this Broadband Service Agreement, the Commnet Broadband Terms of Use Agreement, the Acceptable Use Policy for Commnet Broadband Service, and the Commnet Broadband Service Installation Standard Procedures and Requirements.
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